The Write Edge is a professional writing service founded by writer, editor, and digital marketer Danielle Carioti Haines, a self-proclaimed logophile with an affinity for all things words. She holds the philosophy that every company brand, and every author, has a unique voice. She helps you recognize the true authentically and appeal of your brand by tapping into and refining the voice that makes your brand DNA special. 

Danielle has over 7 years’ experience crafting, proofreading, and tracking content for countless print and digital storytelling initiatives. She has edited 6 notable book titles, including best-selling Amazon YA fantasy series The Keeper of Dragons by J.A. Culican, the children’s book Clarence: A Story of an Italian Boy with Big Ears and Big Problems (S.A. Baruff)i, and the blog-to-book compilation Tales of a Mommy’s Sippy-Cup by M.E. Haddock, as well as the author’s trilogy-in-the-making, Mia Maloney. She holds a Masters in English and creative writing from Southern New Hampshire University, and a Bachelors in marketing from Johnson & Wales University. She is also an associate book editor for Dragon Realm Press.