Copy and creative writing 

My emphasis is to deliver clear and attractive brand-building copy that sets your brand apart. Your marketing copy can be clever, grammatically correct, and even accompanied by quality graphics, but without content that directly connects to your audience, you sacrifice retaining your customers because they cannot understand how your products and services fit into their lifestyle. Your marketing copy should aid you in nurturing customer relations; its your slogans, jingles, and famous company sayings that stay with them longer than your tangible product offering.

Editing and proofreading 

Great copy, web content, and any text made public should always pass through a solid proofreading process. I set forth to review grammar, spelling, and stylistic concerns with all copy I craft and review. However, if your brand voice is pun-like or grammatically incorrect, I make sure to maintain your unique tone, focusing instead on consistency and deliverance.

Digital marketing and content strategy 

From email campaigns to social media outreach to optimizing site SEO, you’re going to need your content marketing ducks in a row. Your customer retention strategy should include longterm email campaigns, seasonal outreach, a social media outline for socializing, sharing, and increasing engagement with your online fan base, supplemental paid search media, and keeping with website management. This is where I come in!

Working with me

I am currently available for freelance and contract work. I would love to get your brand voice heard.